Welcome to LPZ Trading

LPZ Trading specializes in the sourcing and supply of minerals from all over the world, such as: Gold, Diamonds, Copper, Chrome and Coal. We can arrange worldwide shipments from anywhere to everywhere. LPZ Trading is located in the Pretoria, South Africa.

We strive to meet our client’s needs and take care of the negotiations for both the buyer and the seller. We work hand in hand with our auditors and legal team, to insure that our buyers’ and sellers’ rights will be respected and protected at all times. Consequently we do thorough checks on all parties involved.

Confidentiality, honesty, respect and integrity, are sine qua non with all our actions. LPZ Trading is the sister-company of Wolf Thorn Properties, which specializes in the selling of mines and all residential and business properties. The company trades worldwide and is known to treat all parties with respect, trust and loyalty. It is known internationally for providing the most profitable investment opportunities.

We, at LPZ Trading, strive to be the best at what we do and we are committed to client satisfaction.